If you don’t have much time …

… stop reading now

as I don’t want to be responsible for you frittering away anymore of your valuable time.

Still reading? OK , good, but be warned, you are liable to loose hours, days, maybe even weeks playing:

2084 GameIts a simple game that you can play either online or as a (free) downloadable app.

The aim of the game is either:

  • Get the highest possible score, or
  • Get the highest possible single tile (perhaps even the 2048 tile from which the game takes it name.)

Your play the game by sliding the squares left or right or up or down.  When two squares (tiles) with the same number crash into each other they combine together to make one tile with double the total of the individual tiles. Each time you swipe, an randomly chosen empty space is filled with either a “2” tile or a “4” tile, so you have to keep combining tiles, otherwise your board fills up pretty quickly.

Its great fun, but a little addictive: you can find the game >>here<<

If you can spare a little bit of time, give it a go.


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