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Hell’s Angles

I stumbled across the above the other day (source) and it made me chuckle, reminding me a little of of this post about cute angels and other mathematical bloopers. The cartoon above was drawn by Dan Piraro and can be found on his Bizaro website – well worth a visit. By virtue of the fact […]

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When Refereeing and Maths Collide

Regular followers of my blog know that I like my sport and some of you are aware that I am a qualified football referee and regularly ply my (alternate) trade as the “man in black.” With my referee’s hat on, I am an active member of a forum that discusses the finer points of the […]

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It’s a sin …

Monday morning. January. And its raining. Year 10 Trigonometry. I can get them to work out the missing angle or calculate the size of the hypotenuse. But can I get them to pronounce “sin” properly, as in “sign”? Nope. Class question and answer sessions end up sounding like something from the Spanish Inquisition: Its sin, […]

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The Poetry of Parallel Lines – The Movie

This post, where I first blogged about the above image, has become one of the most popular pages on my blog. Since discovering the image, I have fallen in love with the melancholic nature of the tale, imagining the moment in the sun when the two lines meet, and the inevitability of them drifting apart, […]

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A Good Question

So half my Year Eleven’s are missing, out on a Geography field trip. No point starting anything new, time to whip out some trusty revision material – “20 Homework Quickies” if I remember correctly. 20 short questions on a range of GCSE topics: 3x + 4 = 5 x – 2,  write 0.00012345 in Standard […]

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