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2017 – A prime year

Its been a fallow time for “Prime Dates” of late – the last was way back in November 2013 (a quick moments thought should reveal why there were no prime dates in 2014, ’15 or ’16) but now the drought is over, let the deluge begin. 2017 is, itself, a prime number and the year […]

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9th Jan 2016 – A Rotational Date

9th Jan 2016 – 9 1 16 – it’s not a palindromic date, but it is a rotational date: it has an order of rotational symmetry of 2.  That means if you rotate it about its centre it looks exactly the same when rotated through 1800 (You have to pick the right font, of course. […]

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope 25 x 32 x 7, or 2016 as it prefers to be known, is a good year for you. 2016 is 11111100000 in binary and 7e0 in hexadecimal, which is this shade of blue. Happy New Year. Related posts: Happy New Year! Happy 11111011111 2013! 9th Jan 2016 – A […]

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A(nother) Special Day

Monday 5th October – or 5 10 15 – is a special date: Its a palindromic date: it reads the same forwards as it does backwards … … and it is 5n day, where 5n is the formula for the nth term of the date series 5, 10, 15 … Whatever you do on Monday, […]

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Happy 11111011111

Happy New Year, Happy 2015, Happy 11111011111 which is, of course, 2015 in binary, Base 2.* And its a palindrome, which, as you know, I like. Speaking of palindromes, Monday is not only the first day back at school, its also the first palindromic date of the year: 5 1 15 and we won’t see […]

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