2017 – A prime year

2017-a-prime-yearIts been a fallow time for “Prime Dates” of late – the last was way back in November 2013 (a quick moments thought should reveal why there were no prime dates in 2014, ’15 or ’16) but now the drought is over, let the deluge begin.

2017 is, itself, a prime number and the year kicks off with a prime number date:

1 1 17, or 1117, is a prime number

and, with a little poetic licence, the next day, 2nd Jan, is also prime, as long as we write it as:

2 01 17

20117 is prime.  There are other primes in January, both the 23rd and 25th (23117 and 25117) are prime and there are many, many other prime dates throughout the year.

The 3rd February, 3 2 17, is both prime in its own right (3217) but is also “made” from 3 prime numbers: 3, 2 and 17

However 2017 unfolds for you, I hope you have a great year – and keep an eye out for those prime dates.

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