Percentage Soup

Percentage soupOops! Looks like Campbells have got themselves in a bit of a pickle over percentages.

They can’t both be right, so which is it 30% or 40%? Shall we “do the math” as they say in America.

Old size times (1+x) = New size, where x is the percentage increase in decimal form.

A quick bit of re-arranging gives us:

1 + x = New size/ Old size

x = (New Size/Old size) -1

Multiply x by 100 to turn it into a percentage.

x = (15.2 / 10.75) = 0.41 …

So the 40% can is about right.

Another maths fail to add to the collection.

Anyone fancy a some soup?

(Image first seen (by me) here)


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