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Fractions Helpline

Struggling with Improper Fractions? Call my helpline, now available 24/7 That was voted “Best Maths Pun of 2014” by The Aperiodical website. I thought it was pretty funny, too. If you, or anyone you know, has been affected by the issues raised in this post you might find the following of use: Vulgar Fractions Triangle […]

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Triangle Fractions

What fraction of the triangle is shaded in? Not an easy problem.  Its often easier to start with something simple and work from there. So, what fraction of these triangles are shaded in (click on each image to get a bigger view): Perhaps you can use your answers to those above to help you solve […]

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Fractions worksheets

Fractions – the bane of many a pupil’s, parent’s and – let’s be honest – teacher’s life. With the advent of the calculator, with the ability to do fraction calculations in a snap, I often hear the anguished cry of “what’s the point of this, why can’t I just use my calculator?” And it is, […]

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Fractions – how low can you go? Just like these limbo -ing Lego figures, I like to imagine fractions seeing how low they can go. Whenever they can, fractions should be simplified, cancelled down, put in their lowest terms … basically, make the top and bottom numbers the smallest they can be. Remember the mantra: […]

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Percentages – Its all in the name: Per as in ‘out of’ and cent as in ‘century’ ‘dollars (or Euros) and cents’ ‘Centurion’ and ‘hundred’ in French. Percent means: ‘out of 100’ So to turn a percentage into a fraction, just shove it over one hundred: 58% = 58⁄100 … … but don’t forget to […]

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