Fractions – how low can you go?

Limbo - in lego figures

Just like these limbo -ing Lego figures, I like to imagine fractions seeing how low they can go. Whenever they can, fractions should be simplified, cancelled down, put in their lowest terms … basically, make the top and bottom numbers the smallest they can be.

Remember the mantra: “Whatever you do to the top, you must do to the bottom.” To cancel down a fraction, try and find a number that divides into both the top number (the numerator) and the bottom number (the denominator).

Need some practice in cancelling down fractions? Then you could use my Equivalent Fractions Worksheet

Like all my worksheets, it can be used to generate an unlimited amount of different questions.

And there’s more fractions worksheets like:

Converting Mixed Numbers to Top Heavy Fractions

Finding Fractions of amounts

and more, to be found at my worksheets page

The worksheets work well when projected onto an interactive whiteboard for the whole class to try – the answers are hidden but can be shown by clicking the strip towards the bottom of the page.

And they’ve been optimised for printing – the questions and answers are printed on different sheets and they print out in black and white, with no extra images or ‘bumph’ on the printed page that you see on the screen, making them great for photocopying and saving you ink when you print.

With more worksheets being added all the time I hope you find my maths worksheet page a useful resource for home or school.


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