9 – 1 Grade Boundaries

9 - 1 IGCSE Maths Grade Boundaries

As most readers will know, this year sees GCSE maths grading change from A* to E to 9 – 1.  There has been much speculation as to what the grade boundaries will be for each new level.

The first (that I have found) to publish the grade boundaries are Cambridge, for their IGCSE and can be seen above.  Below, I have converted them into percentage scores (easier for all – and pupils & parents in particular to understand)

Higher Tier:

9 – 80%, 8 – 68%, 7 – 58%, 6 – 47%, 5 – 36%, 4 – 27%, 3 – 22%

Foundation Tier:

5 – 73%, 4 – 58%, 3 – 43%, 2 – 29%, 1 – 14%

The official table from Cambridge can be found here

Important Note – These grade boundaries are for the Cambridge International Examinations board only, for their IGCSE exam. The grade boundaries for different exam boards and for GCSE maths will be different.  The information above is all that I have available at the time of writing.

However, the grade boundaries above will be of interest to those who sat Cambridge IGCSE and might also serve as a useful ball park figure to estimate grade boundaries for other boards.

It should also be noted that, unlike last year, grade boundaries for GCSE (and A Levels) will not be published the day before results day (although they will be made available to schools the day before).  Grade boundaries will be published on the same day as the results (Thursday 17th August for A & AS Levels, Thursday 24th August GCSEs)

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