Best Use of Maths award, 2019

Throughout 2019, maths has been used in a multitude of manners, and the world in which we live would be very different without the application of mathematics.

But one use of the subject stands out above all others, and is worthy of a “Best Use of Maths 2019” award.

The comedian – and now mathematical hero – Joe Lycett correctly complained to Pot Noodle about their misuse of percentages and ratios when comparing their regular and king-sized pot noddles and, specifically, how their sachet sizes did not scale up alongside the noodle content. Important stuff.

Here is Joe’s letter to Pot Noodle:

To be fair, Pot Noodle took the request with good grace:

So, well done Joe, and Thank You.

The next time a student asks “what’s the point of maths” I shall show them this, how you used maths to take on the food giants and won, fighting for the rights of Pot Noddle eaters the world over.

An award well deserved.

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