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Percentage Soup

Oops! Looks like Campbells have got themselves in a bit of a pickle over percentages. They can’t both be right, so which is it 30% or 40%? Shall we “do the math” as they say in America. Old size times (1+x) = New size, where x is the percentage increase in decimal form. A quick […]

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So I spot a pupil with his iPad out when he should be working through some (paper and pen) revision questions. I head over ready to chastise him, but notice that he’s not on Facebook, Snapchat or anything else he shouldn’t be, but had gone to the BBC Bitesize website to help him with his […]

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Meet Mrs Edwards …

… the maths department’s very own Walter White! I came across that on 20 rude and inappropriate kids drawings. Hat’s off to our Primary School teachers – they need the patience of a saint. But older pupils do still come up with some of their own little gems. A few weeks ago I was teaching […]

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Nicky Morgan joins the club …

In this post I told the tale of how the Chancellor, George Osborne, ducked a maths question (posed by a seven year old) live on TV. Now our Education Secretary has joined this elite gang by refusing to answer: “What is the cube root of 125?” Admittedly a little trickier than the problem that foxed […]

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Maths Fail #4

Is it a numeracy fail or a literacy fail? Yes 43% No 57% Related posts: Massive Maths FAIL Maths Fail #2 Maths Fail Fractions are hard

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