Come the revolution!

Anyone walking past my classroom of late might have come to the conclusion that I was fomenting a revolution, hearing me inciting my students to

Bring down the power!

The Head can sleep easy in his bed РI am not encouraging the students to rise up, burn their books and storm the staff room. I am merely teaching the rules of logarithms, and the power rule in particular.  You will, of course, be familiar with the rule:

log xn = n log x

but students need to be taught this, so I constantly find myself telling them to “bring down the power.”

When I do, I do like to think of myself as some sort of latter day Lenin, inspiring my students to throw off the shackles of ignorance, to rise up and seize the power that a knowledge of mathematics will bring them!!!

Lenin, calling on his students to bring down the power and submit to the Rule(s) of Logs

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