What an ar$e

After yesterday’s blog post which highlighted the calm, statesman like brilliance of President Macron, today the pendulum swings fully the other way, allowing Piers Morgan to show himself to be a bullying buffoon, a despicable and pathetic man.

He tries to show that he is more intelligent than the guests on his show – guests invited in so that he can belittle them – by asking them about Pythagoras’ Theorem.

But he fails. He fails magnificently.

Clearly Piers himself doesn’t know what Pythagoras’ Theorem is, confusing it instead with Pi.  (And, you can just make out over the justified derision of his co-presenter, despite claiming to, he doesn’t know Pi to five decimal places.  When challenged he states that Pi is 3.147, which is not to five decimal places, and is wrong anyway.  Pi to five decimal places is 3.14159)

I know Pythagoras’ Theorem, and I know Pi to five decimal places, but that doesn’t make me any cleverer or better than Piers or any of his guests – I just know something that they don’t.

Piers: please don’t bully and belittle, take a leaf out of President Macron’s book and educate and inspire, it’ll make you a bigger, and better, man.


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