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Another great idea I’ve pinched

If I’m honest, I don’t think that I’ve had an original idea in my life, and why change the habits of a lifetime now when I can nick the brilliant ideas of those I work with. The latest idea I’m stealing is “cheat sheets” for tests. My Year 11’s were due a test so for […]

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A cute angel

Many years ago I set a test and one of the questions asked the pupils to Draw an acute angle and I received many correct answers: an angle between 0 and 90 degrees. But one student drew me a wonderful picture, like the one above, of a cute angel. An easy mistake to make, and […]

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A marathon, not a sprint

I like food. I love to eat. But, alas, several years ago I reached the age where I could no longer eat what I wanted and not worry about it. I faced a choice. A difficult choice: either eat less or exercise more. Eating less did not seem particularly attractive to me so I decided […]

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Revision Tip

We’re well and truly into exam season and (hopefully) lots of revision is taking place. The best way to revise maths is to do questions – practice, practice and more practice. But for a change, why not make some posters in the style of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” range, using short formulas, statements […]

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Exam Top Tip!

Highlighter Pen

The more I teach maths – and I’ve been teaching it for a while now – the more I’ve come to realise that often its not a pupil’s mathematical ability that causes them difficulties, but the language of maths that is the problem. So as we enter exam season, I offer this top tip for […]

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