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The Joy of X

Looking for a Christmas gift for a mathematically minded individual? Or perhaps you are being pestered to provide ‘a list?’ I’m happy to recommend this book: ‘The Joy of X’ by Steven Strogatz which I read, and thoroughly enjoyed, in the summer. As I said on my review of the book on Amazon, its a […]

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Triangle Fractions

What fraction of the triangle is shaded in? Not an easy problem.  Its often easier to start with something simple and work from there. So, what fraction of these triangles are shaded in (click on each image to get a bigger view): Perhaps you can use your answers to those above to help you solve […]

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Maths Product Problem

Take the letters of the alphabet and assign them a numerical value: a = 1, b = 2, c = 3 etc. through to z = 26. So the word maths is made from the numbers 13, 1, 20, 8 and 19 and if you multiply them together you get 39,520. Can you find any […]

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Mr. Mobius is a maths teacher. A very good maths teacher. A very good maths teacher who likes colourful socks. But he does have some rather, shall we say, odd ways. When he hangs out his colourful socks to dry he likes them to be hung on the line in a certain way. Not for […]

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